Welcome to my ‘World of food’!

Hi everyone.
I am Rimjhim Bathla and I live in Chandigarh,India.

Cooking has been more than just a hobby or a necessity for me. I started cooking when I was in sixth grade. The first thing I ever made was a macaroni salad, for myself, because that’s when I decided to get into the adulthood phase. I used to see the ladies of my house making delicious meals for all of us, and with moms’ lessons and my grannys’ ‘Be careful with that’ notes, I finally delivered a good outcome.

I don’t know what to write about the dish though. It was tasty, yes. But it wasn’t the most amazing thing I had ever eaten, but there was something about it. I made my mom taste it and her face was filled with happiness. That was IT. I found that something. It might not have been the ultimate thing ever made, but it was definitely THE thing that brightened my mother’s eyes and make her smile with happiness. And that’s when I found found love.

Love of treating someone with something so delicious that their mood would lit up just by a single glaze at the dish. That was my moment of joy that made me realise of what I wanted to do. Spread happiness!

And that’s all I have been trying to do by learning each day and getting to explore more about food. The core of this blog is and always will be to spread happiness with food by creating simple recipes that are an easy-to-do for y’all.


Until then,
Happy reading and Happy baking guys!


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