MITM Mango Mousse!

Hello there readers!!

How are summers treating ya? It’s killing out here and I want to migrate or hibernate. :p Back to the blog bay with a super fun quick recipe. Its quick,two ways actually:

  1. Literally takes 15 mins to make. 
  2. It has only three ingredients.

A little hint for you to guess as to what it can be made up of, is that this recipe is made up using a summer fruit. Yeah, I know that wasn’t required. 


YESSSSS!!!! It has mangoes. So I have had a call busy today but I dint want to end the day without a post for my lovely fam, and hence I thought of doing this super quick recipe for the blog today. Today we have, The MITM MANGO MOUSSE! Scroll down the recipe if you want to find our what MITM is 😉

SO, Ingredients:

Heavy cream- 1 cup

Mangoes- 2-3 (Chopped and pureed)

Mint leaves- 5-6


  1. Take a bowl. Transfer the cream into it. Refrigerate for 15 mins and use a mixer to blend it until it leaves firm soft peaks behind.
  2. Use a spatula to evenly fold the mango puree into the cream. Don’t over mix. 
  3. Transfer the mousse into your favorite serving glasses or jars. Top it with a few mint leaves.
  4. Refrigerate for about 3 hours and you’re  good to serve. Enjoy!


Quick tips/Suggestions:

Its quite a simple recipe, but you can also add crushed biscuit half way in the middle of the serving glass/jar in order to have a crunchier taste to the mousse. That’s a totally different version for a mousse. And yes,You can also top the mousse with your favorite berries. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe. You can always reach out to me for a particular recipe in the comments section. I’ll try my best to shoot the same. Oh, and MITM stands for ‘Melt in the Mouth’. 😀

Until next time, happy reading and happy baking guys!!



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