Cinnamon Sugar Churros

Hi guys!

I hope you all are having a well kickstarted weekend. I am going to be catching up with my friends over a night stay and obviously I have the dessert table to handle. I still haven’t decided on the items I am going to make. I want to do something with berries, and there’s going to be one item with chocolate , obviously. So let’s see, what happens.


Today I am going to be sharing a recipe, which is very dear to me. I love choux pastry and I am doing a version of the fried dough pastry. Yeah, you guessed it right. We are doing CINNAMON SUGAR CHURROS today. Simple, and with all basic baking staples. Here is the all time winner recipe:


For the churros

All purpose flour- 2 cups

Granulated white sugar- 6 tbsp

Water- 2 1/2 cups

Salt- 1/4 tsp

Oil- 4 tbsp

Oil,for frying

For the coating
1 cup castor sugar + 2 tbsp cinnamon powder


  1. Take a saucepan, keep over medium heat, combine water, white sugar, oil and salt. Bring the mixture to a boil and then remove from heat.
  2. Mix in the flour (while the mixture is hot) and  keep mixing well until the dough thickens. Once the dough has come together, put this thick mixture in a piping bag with a tip attached.
  3. In another pan, heat the oil for deep-frying. Now pipe the dough strips into the hot oil straight away and fry until dough strips become golden brown.
  4. In another bowl, mix the castor sugar and cinnamon powder. And roll the churros in cinnamon sugar mixture.
  5. And done. Your cinnamon sugar churros are ready! Enjoy them with your Café con leche.


Quick tips/Suggestions:

  1. Use any vegetable colorless oil while making the dough. Mix the dough batter only until its well done. Don’t over mix. 
  2. You can also drizzle some chocolate sauce on these churros by mixing 3/4 cup of heavy cream with dark chocolate. I have used Vanleer for this one and it works just fine. You can used any chocolate you like, since its only a drizzle.

This recipe is super simple and completes your sugar cravings at any given time because it has just the basic bare ingredients required to make it. So skip up everything you had planned to make over the weekend and go for this beauty. Keep sharing pictures as you always do and do tag @thegirlwhobakesofficial on instagrm and Facebook so we get all the amazing pictures.

Until next time, Happy baking and Happy reading guys!



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