Homemade Caramel Sugar


Yesterday I was out for dinner with a couple of my friends and there is always a common topic around the table- FOOD. While conversations happened about, whether or not, one has tried this particular dish from that cafe or that cocktail over that another pick up place, everyone is a fan of good food. Such a happy realization! So when we were discussing all of this, a question that came up was, ‘So, what’s going on the blog next?’ And I said, it’s something different, and I am open to guesses. I told them that its something sweet, and they made all sort of guesses with all desserts possible. With no possible luck with answers, I told them that they would have to wait.

And here’s when I tell them, that the sweet thing I am doing is SUGAR. Weird? Interesting? Wait until you see it. Well, a lot of people are a fan of homemade sugars, because they have a very delightful crunch to them. The sugar that we are doing today is caramel sugar , which is basically an amber color sugar made by caramelizing sugar. A lot of people use different variety of sugars to caramelize and make this confectioner’s sugar. It has the most gorgeous texture when you see it. And trust me, once you use it to flavor your puddings or desserts, you won’t be able to resist it. And so, here it is.



Sugar- 2 cups

Salt- 1/2 tsp

Cornstarch- 2tbsps


  1. Grease a non stick sheet pan nicely and keep aside.
  2. Take a deep saucepan and while on medium heat, add the sugar. Stir over the same heat until it dissolves and becomes syrup. Make sure not to burn the sugar.
  3. Keep on stirring thick until the color becomes amber and the consistency gets better.
  4. Pour this on the sheet pan, spread using a knife and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes until dry.
  5. After it has dried, break this sheet by tapping the sheet pan yielding to small caramel pieces.
  6. Blend these caramel pieces into a food processor until the texture becomes sugar like. At this stage, add the cornstarch along with the salt to the sugar and blend again.
  7. Keep blending until the sugar becomes superfine and has a soft texture.
  8. And done, your caramel sugar is ready! Store it in an air tight container and it won’t go bad. You can use this for your puddings, pies and many desserts. I use it for my latte and it yields an absolutely delicious flavor and aroma to it.

Quick tips/ suggestions:

  1. The reason for adding cornstarch is to make sure the sugar remains dry. Although you may or may not add the salt.
  2. You can run your fingers through the final processed sugar to check for lumps and see if the texture is well done.
  3. This sugar also goes really well for frostings over cakes and cupcakes.

You may feel like it’s a no-use item for the kitchen, but if you are a fan of trying something different with a flavor so exquisite, you should try your hand making this one. Also, keep sharing the pictures of the dishes you try out on our Instagram or Facebook handle, and tagging @thegirlwhobakesofficial along. It really makes our day to see all those lovely dishes you make. So, thank you very much. :*

Until next Time, Happy reading and Happy baking everyone!!




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4 thoughts on “Homemade Caramel Sugar

  1. Oh. My. Gosh! 🌟 I must try this! ☕️


    1. It turned out amazing. You must try it, mate. 🌸

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